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About us is a publishing of non-downloadable publications, namely, articles, newsletters, and guides in the fields of education, career-planning, and personal growth. The newsletter aims to uplift and motivate women by sharing stories that are not only inspirational but also serve as a source of empowerment. The stories featured in the newsletter are carefully curated to highlight individuals who have overcome challenges, pursued their dreams, and achieved remarkable feats.

One of the central goals of is to encourage women to embrace their true selves. The platform believes in the power of authenticity and self-expression. By showcasing stories of women who have embraced their uniqueness and flourished as a result, the newsletter seeks to inspire its readers to do the same.

Moreover, places a strong emphasis on fostering positivity and radiance. In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming or negative, the platform strives to be a beacon of light. The stories shared in the newsletter not only provide a dose of inspiration but also serve as a reminder that even in challenging times, there are moments of triumph, joy, and strength.

In essence,’s monthly online newsletter goes beyond being just a collection of stories. It’s a platform that strives to create a sense of community among women, encouraging them to believe in themselves, embrace their authenticity, and approach life with positivity and radiance

Our Team


  Alvinya is a writer, blogger, filmmaker, writing coach, and women empowered activist. She has written a book about my relationships, called “Love or the Illusions of Love,” and has helped others with their book writing. Alvinya has a children’s book called “Little Frank’s Colorful Zoo Adventure” based on her youngest son learning his colors.

     Alvinya created a personal blog about her life experiences to share with other mothers. She Filmed and directed her first documentary based on the importance of mother’s taking self-care more critical.

     Alvinya is a business partner of a coffee cafe in Los Angeles called Hustler’s Cup Cafe. The restaurant serves the Los Angeles community. We wanted to have a coffee cafe in Los Angeles as a staple for our community to specialize in specialty coffee.

​      Blackque Coffee Magazine is Alvinya’s newest venture. The magazine will serve as an online platform for women of color. This magazine serves as a positive staple for our community.

Khadijah Senegal

Khadijah Senegal, Author of 3 children’s books and my upcoming release “Millennial Woman: this shit is not what I expected.” Khadijah was born and raised in South Central, LA, with a serious interest in storytelling. I have a degree in Film from Los Angeles Film School, which puts art into perspective. The influence of being a mother and movie lover helps her stay on top of her craft. Khadijah’s writing style is flavorful and truthful. No matter the age or genre, she loves adding that touch of realism to fantasy. Fun fact! Her favorite childhood movie is Coneheads, but Khadijah is also obsessed with anything horror!

Baryl J

Baryl is a daughter, sister, friend, and mother of 2 girls. She has a degree from an HBCU, Stillman College in Religion & Philosophy, with a minor in Psychology. She is an award-winning graphic designer. Her business is built on providing strategies and branding for small black businesses. Her passion is spending time in the community with black women.

April Pennington Johnson

April Pennington Johnson currently resides in St. Louis, Mo. She earned her Communication/Journalism degree from Washington University in St. Louis. She is a member of the EFA – Editorial Freelancers Association and SCWBI – Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Non-profit Organizations.

She is a book editor, writing coach, ghostwriter, blogger, and published author of two children’s books, and I am Enough – God Made Me Enough and I Am Hope. She has served authors in the publishing process with writing, editing, ghostwriting, and publishing. She has been featured in The Praying Woman’s magazine publication, titled, “Battling the Spirit of Loneliness.”

Brandi Belton

Brandi is a mother of many and a friend to all. She is dedicated to her family and friends and strives to succeed in everything she does. Brandi currently manages a chargeback team from 9 to 5, but her real job is to live life to the fullest. She spends a lot of her time traveling and enjoying what the world has to offer. She has helped within her community, volunteered at local food banks, school events, nonprofit organizations, and has made blankets for our veterans and troops overseas. Brandi has donated her time to counseling teenage children and families to make a better life for themselves. Brandi is a force to be reckoned with and has an endless list of accomplishments throughout her life.

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