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Natural Products Are a Revolutionizing Billions


Natural products are revolutionizing the billion-dollar industry.

Many small black-owned businesses are in the natural industry

with big corporations. But our small black-owned businesses bring

their own unique personal creativity to the industry.

Aja Fields owns Nurturing Natural’s LLC online natural

product company. Nurturing Natural is a 24-hour online herbal

store that offers an alternative treatment to individuals

worldwide. Her products range from haircare, skincare, and

herbal care. All-natural healing solutions are provided via Phyto

Medicine Techniques that do not mask the sickness by treating

the symptoms. The illness is treated and cured with no harmful

side effects. Aja is a certified herbalist that is passionate and

skilled in the natural industry.

Aja’s natural care journey began 16 years ago when her 3-month-old daughter was diagnosed with eczema. She was not

comfortable giving her 3-month-old daughter the prescribed

medication. Aja’s pursuit of a natural product caused her to take a class and earn her certification as an herbalist. Aja successfully

created an eczema jam that completely healed her daughter’s

eczema. On Aja’s path of helping her daughter Nurturing Natural

was birth. The eczema jam is now one of her best-sellers on her

website and Etsy.

Her other best-sellers are Kidney Kleanser I and II, Beautifully

Balanced female formula, Male Endurance, Body Jams, The Curse

Reversed menstrual relief herbal tisane, X-Factor anti-viral, and

Pain Jam. Nurturing Naturals recently expanded their business by

incorporating local raw honey and bee products.


Because we are currently amid COVID-19 and the FLU

season Aja has given us a few tips to winter-proof our immune

system. Nurturing Natural tips to winter-proof and boost your

the immune system is:

  1. We need a nutrient-rich diet that consists of fat-soluble (vitamin

A, D, E, and K) and water-soluble (vitamins B and C).

  1. Nutrition is principal to winter-proof the immune system since we

can’t get vitamin D from the sun during the winter months.

  1. Vitamin D is needed to keep the immune system strong, so it is

vital to get vitamins D, A, E, and K from our foods to build our

vitamin reserves.

  1. Vitamin C and the B-complex are also significant for the immune

system in helping keep the lungs clear, so fresh air can have easy

access to the lungs and nerves to stay healthy.

  1. Vitamin C and B are water-soluble. They need to be replenished


  1. Herbal botanicals are also foremost significant in keeping the

immune system healthy during any time of the year. The human

body and herbal botanicals are the same physiology; This means

your body does not react to herbs like chemical

medicine/pharmaceuticals. The body recognizes herbs as food

and will digest the herbs properly.

  1. Also, make sure to take your daily zinc, magnesium, and quercetin


Nurturing Natural is dedicated to meeting your needs and

providing exceptional care. They are available to answer any

questions you may have. Please feel free to contact Aja if you

have any questions. Nurturing Natural’s email address

isĀ, or call 877-271-4584. Nurturing

Naturals is offering a 25% discount to new customers. You can use

the ‘thankyou25’ coupon code at checkout until 2/28/22.



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